Arduino Based Mini Project - Sequentially Glowing LEDs

Arduino Based Mini Project - Sequentially Glowing LED

 LED_Sequence_Glowing_ProjectWe already discussed in our previous posts,
How to install the Arduino IDE software in our PC
How to program and execute the arduino sketches (code)

In this post, we will do a simple arduino based project which is the extension of LED Blinking Project

Objective of the Project:

Sequentially glowing LEDs for infinite times.(see the output video given at the end of the post)

Arduino Project Coding: Sequentially Glowing LEDs

Coding Explanation:

We know the role of the functions


The following instruction

will make the Xth pin as output.

The set of following instructions will perform as mentioned in the comments line.

Project Output:

The output of this project is shown in below video.

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