Arduino Real Time Project Ideas (Analog Input Projects)

Arduino Analog Input Simple Real Time Project Ideas:

So far in our previous posts, we have seen various LED based arduio projects.
They are digital input - digital output projects. They use the digital ports in the arduino development board.
Some of the simple digital projects are:

Arduino Mini Project For beginners: Automatic Traffic Signal Controller  
Arduino Based Mini Project: Sequentially Glowing LEDs

In this post we will see some simple analog input signal based arduino projects.

They are close to the real time applications like sensing temperature, pressure and responding (enabling/indicating) accordingly.
ie, Analog input and digital output. So it is good to refresh about Analog to Digital Conversion(ADC) concepts.

Analog Input Digital Output Project Concept:

The below mentioned block diagram will show us the concept behind this project.


This program will read the analog signal(resistance, temperature) given to analog port pin-0.
Based on the analog input strength, it will change the blinking rate of the in-builtLED connected to the digital port pin-13. We can use external LED also ( that should be connected in series with 33oOhm resistor to any other digital pins).

Project # 1 Sensing the Resistance

In this example the input analog signal is resistance. The circuit arrangement is given below.
arduino_anolog_input_project_ideasAs shown, the center pin of POT is connected to analog pin-0. Other two terminals are connected to 5V supply and ground. Digital port pin-13 is having in-build LED.

Project # 2: Sensing the Temperature

In this example the input analog signal is Temperature.
A photoresistor is replacing the variable resistor in the above figure. It is connected to across 5V and analog port pin-1. The program code will be same to that of previous program.

We are already familiar with the arduino code and commands. Aurdino Programming Commands Reference Guide.

How to apply this concept into a real time projects?...  It is in our imagination.... For example

[1] To give the warning indication about the inside Boiler temperature - To build this project we need to replace the Potentomenter into thermistor.

[2] Light Based Alarm Circuit Project can be done using  arduino board with this code - To build this project we need to replace the Potentomenter into Photo voltaic cell or solar cell. To know more about how to use solar cell in projects Click Here.

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Thanks for reading.... where can you use this project concept? you can share in comments section...

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