Aurdino LED Project Ideas Do Yourself

Aurdino LED Project Ideas Do It Yourself: For Beginners

Are you a Beginner of doing Aurdino LED projects...Before try projects let you have a small recap about Aurdino Introduction.
This post has some basic ideas to do fun projects on Aurdino by yourself... Try them on your own... We shall see them in detail in future posts...

Before trying these projects, it is suggested to see the following Prject Coding to have better knowledge of coding;

  1. Traffic signal controller coding
  2. Serial communicator coding
  3. Sequentially glowing LEDs Program

Top 5 Aurdino LED Project Ideas:

1. Chasing LED Effect:

For entire project free download, please click LED Chaser

  • Using this program we can create a chasing LED effect.
    ie., turning on the LEDs one by one connected to the port of the microcontroller in sequence ( pattern).
  • Each LED turns on after 1 second delay.
  • This is because, the pattern of LED glow is clearly visible.Chase LED

2. LED Binary Counter:

To download full project click Binary Counter

  • This project counts up in binary and displays the result on LEDs connected to the output port.
  • The data is displayed with a delay of 1 second between each output.
  • The microcontroller will work so fast. Hence there a need of delay in between the output to make it visible.Binary count

3. Random Number Generating Pattern:

  • Generates a random number between 0 and 32000 (for this program) and displays the output using LEDs connected to the microcontroller port.
  • We can use different coloured LEDs. Asusual there should be a delay between each output number th
    at is generated.
    Random num

4. Cyclic LED Pattern Generator:

  • Turns on the LEDs in a cyclic pattern. Connect 8 rows of 8 LEDs each.
  • Then turns on the 1 LED on first row, then 2 LEDs on second row, then  3, 4 and so on up to 8 LEDs on eighth row.
  • This pattern is repeated indefinitely in a cyclic order with a second delay between each cycle.cyclic pattern

5. LED dice:

  • In this set up we need a switch and LEDs to display the number.
  • Every time the switch is pressed, a random number between 1 and 6 is displayed through LEDs like throwing a dice.
  • To say in detail., let's have 6 LEDs connected to the microcontroller.
  • For number 1, 1 LED will turn ON. For 2, two LEDs will turn ON, Likewise for 3, 4, 5, 6.


Thanks for reading... Try these simple fun projects and play with LEDs... The actual coding of each project with detailed description will be seen in our following posts one by one...

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Thanks for reading about Aurdino LED Project Ideas... Please leave your comments below...

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