Control System Interview Questions and Answers

Control System Interview Questions and Answers

[1] What is meant by system?
A system is defined as any physical object comprises of various components which are inter connected with each other by some characteristics.
Example: Automobile

[2] What is meant by control system?
It is possible to vary any of the characteristics of a components in a system according to the requirements, then the system is called a controllable system or control system.
For example consider an automobile, where the speed can be varied by adjusting the accelerator to the desired level.

[4] What are the major types of control system?
The major types of control systems are

  1. Open loop control system
  2. Closed loop control system

[5] What is time invariant system?
If system's output characteristics do not change with time, then it is called as time invariant system.
A linear time invariant system can be represented by constant co-efficient differential equations.

[6] What is meant by analogous systems?
The system for which the differential equations have similar form are known as analogous system.

[7] What are the advantages and disadvantages of open loop control systems?
(i) Open loop control is much simpler and less expensive
(ii) No sensors are needed to control the variables.

(i) No accurate control
(ii) There is no compensation for any disturbances entering the system since it has fixed input.

[8] What are the advantages and disadvantages of closed loop control system?
(i) More accurate control
(ii) It compensates for disturbances
(iii) Desired response can be obtained by appropriate design

(i) More complex and expensive
(ii) Reduces the gain of the system
(iii) If the closed loop system is not properly designed, the feedback may lead to an oscillatory system

[9] What is an order of a system?
The order of the differential equation governing the system is called as the order of a system.
From the transfer function of the given system, we can obtain the order of the system.

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