Embedded C Programming for Electrical Engineers

Embedded C Programming for Electrical Engineers

Before start doing simple embedded C based projects let us understand the basics...

What is Embedded C Programming?

  • To say in simple, the Embedded C Programming is nothing but an extension of using C language to control embedded systems.
  • As we know already, the C language is the most basic and standard high level language used for most of the system and real-time applications.
  • Now its usage is extended for controlling embedded systems, especially micro controller based applications.

Evolution of Embedded C Programming:

  • We have Assembly language for micro controllers already.
  • But it is not portable across various systems. Hence we need to go for other higher level languages.
  • In such way we have a list of various languages like Pascal, PLM etc.,
  • But they don't have such wider acceptance like C.
  • Also C have various kinds of support tools like compilers & cross-compilers, ICE, etc. leading to the development of embedded systems using C.

Salient Features for Embedded Programming:

  1. Code Speed: Governed by timing constraints and processing power.
  2. Code Size: Governed by program memory and programming language.

The embedded systems can be programmed using any one of the following choice of languages.

  • Machine Code
  • Low level language, i.e., assembly
  • High level language like C, C++, Java etc.
  • Application level language like Visual Basic, scripts, etc.

Fine, why we have to use C for controlling embedded systems? Here the reason is....

Why do we prefer C for embedded systems?

  • Simple, easy to learn, program and debug.
  • Nowadays, many C compilers supporting embedded devices are available.
  •  C is a processor independent language i.e., not specific to a particular microprocessor/microcontroller system. Hence C can develop and run on most of the systems.
  • Finally, C language supports easy and efficient access of I/O .Thereby enable easy management of large embedded projects.

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Thanks for reading... In our following posts, we shall learn how to program embedded systems using C through simple examples and projects.

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