Ferrite Bead Tutorial- What is Ferrite Bead?

What is Ferrite Bead? What is the Impact of Ferrite Bead in a Circuit?

Ferrite Bead - An Introduction:

Ferrite_bead_hollow_cylinder_TypeA ferrite bead is hollow cylinder shaped bead which is made of ferrite material.
The ferrite beads are giving simple and economical method for suppressing/attenuating high frequency noise found in electronic circuits.

Ferrite is a black semi-magnetic substance.
Ferrites are encased in rubber or plastic material to protect and keep the ferrite bead in place.

While keeping the power supply line in the ferrite bead, it acts as a RF suppressor.

Ferrite_BeadThe ferrite  bead has low impedance at low frequencies and high impedance at high frequency range.
Thus it suppress Electromagnetic Interference noise and Radio Frequency Interference noise at high frequencies.

Ferrite Bead Applications:

  1. Ferrite bead is used to remove noises in power line.
  2. They are used in cellular phones, Audio players, DVD players, Digital photo frames, PCs and other electronic circuits.

Advantages of Ferrite Bead:

  1. Ferrite beads are small and light weight. They are cheap.
  2. Performs well at removing RF energy.
  3. They have excellent current carrying capacity.
  4. Ferrite beads are effectively operates from several MHz to 1 GHz.

Equivalent Circuit Ferrite bead:


The ferrite bead can be defined as Inductor in series with the resistor as shown above simplified equivalent circuit.

How to find the inductance of the ferrite bead from its datasheet?

If you see the datasheet of any ferrite bead like ILBB-0603, you can observe that only three electrical specifications have been given.
They are Impedance(XL), DC Resistance and rated DC current.

From the value of impedance we can find the value of inductance for that particular frequency by using the following formula.

XL = 2πfL

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