How to do Final Year Engineering Projects?

How to do Final Year Engineering Projects?

First of all we appreciate that instead of buying ready-made projet kit, you planned to do yourself for your engineering final year project. In this project we will discuss about various steps to do to execute your project.

Step-1: Select your field

  • You had studied various electrical subjects in the present and previous semesters.
  • Select one field in which you feel that you understand more compare to other subjects. If you like a subject means, you might have understood very will and read in dept.

Step-2: Select your Topic

It is the second stage of your project execution.
Before put your hands in the electronics hardware/components, just be aware of the electronics concepts.
Read more about the particular topic. Say suppose you decided to do project in machines, then

  • Which motor do you want to work with?
  • Do you want to develop an application using conventional motors?
  • Do you want to use special machines like stepper motor SRM, PMDC etc?

Consider another case. Say suppose you decided to do project in embedded systems

  • Do you proceed with microcontroller or DSP?
  • Which microcontroller do you want to use? 8051? PIC uC? ds-PIC?

Step-3: Select the Project Name

  • Give the proper name to the project.
  • Dont just give the generic name. 
  • The project title should explain about you project.
  • It should motivate other to read about your project abstract.

Step-4: Develop the abstract

  • It is like single paragraph of few lines which will explain about the details of the project.
  • Write a draft abstract of your project.
  • You can revise it later stage. 

Step-5: Schedule

  • It is the most important task in doing the project.
  • Even you can consider this as a fist step.
  • Assume some tentative Final viva data.
  • Calculate the Pre-viva dates. Segregate the work and plan to execute them accordingly.

Step-6: Documentation

  • It is one the most important task generally ignored while doing project.
  • It will avoid end moment tensions while preparing the project report.
  • When ever you get any useful documents, Pdfs in the internet just save them in the folder in your PC.
  • It will be useful at the time of preparing project report.

Have confident on you and proceed to do your own final year engineering project...

If you plan to do the final year project by yourself, then it is good to start to do some mini electronics projects.
You have to start to play with few electronics components in the bread board.
Try to build very basic LED glowing circuits.
Keep in mind that always start to work with the circuits which is the power input range of maximum 12VDC.
Don't start with the projects which is fed from AC supply directly.

Once you get familiar with the basic LED projects.
Execute some 555 timer IC based projects.
Before start assembling the components, understand the working principle of the circuit.
It is highly important to troubleshoot the circuit or to add some additional features. 

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