How to install Arduino Software(IED) and start working on basic projects?

How to install Arduino Software IED?

In this quick post, let us see how to install arduino software in your computer.

If you have decided to do your final year engineering project by yourself ( not buying from some xyz company or project centre) then you can proud yourself that you are becoming the true Engineer.

Do you like to do your electronics project using Arduino board?... then the first step is installing the Arduino software in your PC. Here are the step by step process to install...

Actually, the Arduino is an open source software and it is compatible with any of the Arduino Boards.
[Some of the  Arduino Products: Arduino Uno, Arduino NG 240, Arduino Extreme, Arduino USB etc]

Steps to install Arduino Software:

  1. Goto
  2. Install based on your operating system.
  3. Once installed, Connect the Arduino board to the PC using USB port
  4. Open the shortcut icon in the desktop/start menu.
    Note: If you open the arduino IDE, without connecting the arduino board then as shown in the below figure the port will not be enabled.
  5. So first connect the arduino board and then open the IDE, now as shown in the below figure, the port will be activated.
  6. Now try some basic example projects comes along with the software.
  7. Goto File --> Example --> 01.Basics
  8. Select some basic project from the list. 
  9. Click the upload button ( horizontal arrow button)
  10. If you get an error message like
    [Problem uploading to board. See for suggestions. This report would have more information with "Show verbose output during compilation" option enabled in File -> Preferences.]
    then it means that com port is not activated.
  11. To enable it, goto Tools --> Port 
    Select the port by clicking that. Then try again to upload the sketch ( the arduino codes are called as sketches)

Congratulations.... you have achieve that.... 

Thanks for reading.... Please share if you face any issues while doing this.

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