Multimeter Maintenance Guide

Multimeter Maintenance Guide ( OR) Proper Use of Multimeter:

Multimeter- Introduction
A Multimeter is basically a PMMC (Permanent Magnet Moving Coil) meter.

It is a single instrument used to measured current, resistance and voltage. The instruments consist of ammeter, voltmeter and ohmmeter circuits. These circuits are combined with a function switch. This switch is used to connect the appropriate circuit by D'Arsonval movement.

In this short post, Let us discuss about how to use multimeter properly...

Proper use of Multimeter (OR) Multimeter Maintenance Guide:

  1. Calibrate the multimeter at frequent intervals.
  2. Protect the instrument from dust, fumes, moisture and heat.
  3. Renew ohmmeter batteries.
  4. When checking the resistance of the circuit, make sure the switch off the power to the circuit. 
  5. Start with the highest range of measurement and move down successively prevent overloading of the water.
  6. Ensure the polarity of the circuit before connecting.
  7. Make all resistance readings in the uncrowded portion on the scale.
  8. Choose the voltmeter range such that the total resistance of the voltmeter should be atleast 100 times the resistance of the circuit under test.
  9. Select the range such that the deflection falls in the upper half of the scale. It will give high accuracy.

It is good practice to have a print-out of these points and stick near the test bench. So that every time the operators will get a chance to remember these points.

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