Simple Arduino Project - Serial Communication Demonstration Project

Simple Arduino Project - Serial Communication Demonstration Project

Hello world Program in Arduino:

In our previous lesson, we have understand the Arduino based LED blinking Program. Now we will learn how to communicate Arduino board through serial communication.

Don't underestimate this type of simple basic arduino programs. These are the foundations for the real world projects based on arduino board.


The objective of this project is  to display the text in the serial monitor through serial communication for one time & endless times.

We already know how to execute a code in our previous lesson.

Click here to know about how to install the Arduino IDE in your PC.
Click here to know about how to upload and run the program in arduino board.

Serial Communication Demonstration Project:

  1. Open the Arduino IDE window.
  2. Goto File --> New. New window will open.
  3. Copy the following code and paste in to the new window.
  4. Click the upload button ( horizontal arrow)
  5. Now to see the serial monitor goto Tools --> Serial Monitor (Ctrl + Shift + M)
  6. Serial Monitor window will open.
  7. After few seconds, the text written in between " ... " will appear in the screen.

Program-1: Display the text in Serial Monitor for one time

Coding Explanation:

[1] We know that the functions


are mandatory for all the arduino programs.

[ 2] The instruction

is telling how fast information has to be transferred also known as baud rate.

[3] The instruction

will display the text mentioned in between "  ". The cursor will go to next line.

[4] If you use the instruction

the text in between ''  " will be displayed in the serial monitor. But the cursor will be in the same line.

Program-2: Display the text in the serial monitor for infinite times

The output of the program-2 is
Hello World

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