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Thanks for visiting our site and thanks for showing interest to know about us... 

About Me:

Hi Friends, I am Revathy. I had done my graduation (BE) from Anna University.  We, group of Engineers started this site to share our technical knowledge to the world. Please share this site with your friends using any social media...

If you have any questions, just email to me... We will try to reply as soon as possible...

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About this Site:

This site is for Electrical and Electronics Engineering Students who is interested to understand various electrical concepts and try to do either mini projects or final year projects themselves. If you landed here to purchase a finished project kit ( which the project centres called as innovative project) , then you have landed in a wrong place.

This is not a e-commerce site (ie,selling the electrical projects). Remember that you are not an illiterate guy, buying some sort of electronics stuff by paying huge money. You are an  Electrical & Electronics Engineer. This site will stimulate you to do your own Final year or  Fun projects. 

If you search where to do electrical final year projects, you can get hundreds of projects kits sellers in the google. Even most of them near to your locality. If you think you are an engineer and not just a buyer of finished products please proceed to read.

Before put your hands in the electronics hardware / components, just be aware of the electronics concepts. Read more about the particular topic. We had given huge collection of tutorials on various electrical and electronics topics in this website. 

It is the platform to know about various Electrical / Electronics concepts and using those concepts how can we build simple and then in-depth circuits. 

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