Oscilloscope selection Guide- How to select Oscilloscope?

What are the things to be considered while buying an Oscilloscope?

What are the specifications to be considered to buy an oscilloscope?

This post will serve you as an Oscilloscope selection Guide. It is good to read about the Oscilloscope basics, operation and construction

While buying an oscilloscope for your electrical lab or for your own purpose, you have to consider the following specifications.

  1. Bandwidth
  2. Sampling rate
  3. Rise time
  4. No of Analog Channels
  5. No of Digital Channels
  6. Screen size
  7. Touch screen requirement
  8. Analysis Capability
  9. Triggering Capability - Triggering gives the stable display of complex waveforms
  10. Storage Capability - Record length of the scope.
  11. Probe requirements
  12. Connectivity - Media transferring capability, results/waveforms sharing to computer 
Tectronic Oscilloscope

Tectronic Oscilloscope

(1) Bandwidth:
This first and foremost specification to be considered while buying an oscilloscope.
The bandwidth is the oscilloscope's fundamental ability to measure the analog signal, the max frequency range that the scope can measure accurately.
It is good to have 1GHz bandwidth.

(2) Sampling Rate:
How often the oscilloscope can samples the signal is called as sampling rate ( Samples per second ie S/s).
We recommend you to go with an oscilloscope which have the minimum of 5GS/s.

(3) Rise time:
While the bandwidth is the important criteria to analog signals measurement, rise time is the important parameter you have to consider if you plan for digital signal measurements. 
Example: The rise time of pulse signal, PWM, step signal etc.
It is advisable to go with minimum of 50ns. Remember that,  rise time of the signals from TTL, CMOS devices may be from 300 ps to 400ps.

(4) No of Analog and Digital Channels Required
How many Analog and Digital channels are required for your applications?
We recommend you to get minimum of 4 analog channels and 16 digital channels( with suitable add-on)..

(5) Display Screen Size:
Normally in the market we can get 8 inches, 10.4 inches 14 inches..
It is good to have minimum of 8 inches...

The specification recommendations are for high-end oscilloscope....

The most important thing to be considered is cost... 

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