How to test Fuse using Multimeter?

How to test Fuse using Multimeter?

Fuse_testThe first step in troubleshooting an electrical equipment is to check whether the fuse is working or not.

In this short post let us see how to check fuse using multimeter.

Remember the following Points about Fuse:

  • Fuse is defined as a short piece of metal, inserted in the circuit/equipment, which will melt when excessive current flows through it.
    Thus the fuse breaks the circuit/ equipment.
  • If the fuse is normal ( ie, the fuse wire is not blown out) then continuity should be there between two terminals of the fuse.
  • If the fuse has blown, then there should be no continuity.

Procedure for checking Fuse using Multimeter:

  1. Keep the multimeter in the continuity mode.
  2. To ensure that the multimeter is in the continuity mode, touch the two probes ( positive probe, negative probe) each other.
  3. Enable the audio out option in the meter so that it will raise beep noise, once the probes are shorted.
  4. Now connect the multimeter terminals across the fuse.
  5. If continuity is there in-between the fuse terminals, then the fuse is working fine.
  6. If the multimeter not showing connectivity, then it means the fuse got damaged ( blown out).

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