How to use Bridge Rectifier IC? How to identify Terminals?

How to use Bridge Rectifier IC ? How to identify Bridge Rectifier IC Terminals ?

Bridge_Rectifier_ICIn this short post, we will see one of the frequently used IC for doing  hobby electronics projects and basic power supply circuit ( AC to DC). ie, Bridge Rectifier.

If you are beginner, please do not start with AC-DC conversion based Projects. The output DC link voltage will be more than 200VDC which will make the fatal accident. 

Please take all required safety precautions while handling the bridge rectifier IC.

Bridge Rectifier IC - An Introduction

How to test/check Bridge Rectifier IC using Multimeter?

  1. Before using the bridge rectifier IC, We have to check whether it is working or not.
  2. Keep the multimeter into continuity mode.
  3. Connect the multimeter probes across the AC input terminals ( marked as ~ ).
  4. It has to show no connectivity.
  5. If it is shorted, just scrap it. If you use the shorted IC, our mains fuse will blow.
  6. Connect the multimeter probes across the DC output terminals ( marked as + and - ).
  7. It has to show no connectivity.

How to identify the Bridge rectifier IC terminals?

  • As shown in the above figure, Out of the 4 corners one corner is flattened.
  • Near to that (+) sign is marked. Diagonally opposite to that corner (-) is marked.
  • They are DC output terminals.
  • The other two corners are marked as (~).
  • The AC input phase has to be connected to the pin horizontally next to (+).
  • The neutral terminal of the ac supply has to be connected the pin horizontally next to (-).

Hopefully the following figure will make you clear.

Thanks for reading...Remember once again take necessary precautions while handling Bridge rectifier circuit and don't forget to add Bleeder resistor in the output side.

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