Tube Light (Fluorescent Lamp) Troubleshooting Tips

How to troubleshoot the Tube Light?

Even though we are moving very fast towards LED lights, still in our house we are using fluorescent lamps.
We might have face some issues with the fluorescent lamps like new lamps are blinking, Blackening of the tube ends etc.

In this post, we have shared some of the tube light (Fluorescent Lamp) troubleshooting Tips. Please keep in mind the following safety precautions before starting to troubleshoot...

General Caution:

Follow general safety precautions while troubleshooting the Fluorescent Lamp commercially known as tube light. If you are not confident to do, we strongly advice to do with the help of locally available technicians. Please ... Please never troubleshoot any electrical equipments when you are alone in the home or in the locked room.

All the best... 

Nature of Fault Possible Causes Remedies
Blinking of new lamp 1. Defective starter
2. Loose contact
3. Low voltage
4. Defective lamp
5. Wrong connection
1. Change ballest
2. Check the connection and tighten
3. Replace starter
4. Replace the lamp
5. Check all connections
Ends of tube remain  lighted 1. Short-circuited starter 1. Replace starter
Failure of lamp to light up 1. Defective tube
2. Defective starter
3. Defective choke
4. Defective and loose holders
1. Replace tube
2. Replace starter
3. Replace choke
4. Turn tube through 90degree.
Try another starter and check connections
Burn out electrodes Control unit in circuit (or)
choke short-circuited
Test with a new choke
Blackening of end 1. Low or high voltage
2. Mercury deposits at the ends
1. Adjust ballest tapping
It will evaporates as the lamp operates.
Dark streaks along lamp Mercury globules Rotate tube through 180 degree

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2 Responses

  1. chitti says:

    I was giving connections of a tubelight in home with out switching off the mains..Suddenly sparks came when I was trying to remove the insulation of phase and neutral wires for tube light connection ...Power has gone..later we checked that fuse and replaced our fuse..But what is the actual cause of that spark... what s d reason for that

  2. ADMIN says:

    Warning: never work when the power is alive.... turn off the main power supply or atleast turn off the switch corrsponding to the tube light... then work... in your case the phase and neutral wires might have touched or come very close in humid environment....

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